Frederick Maynard’s Headstone

Project Highlight

Before you lies the heart of Placerville Union Cemetery; the historic Odd Fellows Section, which has seen horrific vandalism and theft in years past. Until recently, the crumbling remains of 17-year-old Frederick Maynard’s 1874 tombstone could be found lying in pieces on the ground here. Frederick’s parents, Charles and Anna, lie in unmarked adjacent plots. Their grave markers likely became someone’s cemetery souvenirs years ago.

Frederick’s tombstone fragments were never carried off and have now risen from their grave to once again stand proudly over Frederick. Custom metal brackets carefully fit the marker and are held in place with dabs of special epoxy. The cracks remain visible. The headstones can freely wick moisture and even expand or contract within their brackets.

The repairs were unveiled in October, 2022 at the annual Save the Graves theatrical event in Union Cemetery. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.