Women in Union Cemetery: Abigail Pearson Blair

The women featured in this series of articles are part of the Women in Union Cemetery Tour conducted by Mike Roberts in 2024.

Abigail Pearson Blair 1848 – 1940

Buried in Placerville Union Cemetery, Section 21A Block 7 Plot H

Portrayed by Valery Piper, Save the Graves 2023 event

Like the Blairs, the Pearsons were proud Scots. Abigail’s father was in the ice business. He built the Pearson Soda Works, which still stands proudly on Main Street Placerville.

The Blairs had a lumberyard located conveniently next door and encouraged the introduction of Abigail to their younger brother Robert in the early 1870s. The couple soon began courting and married in 1877.

Abigail and Robert raised a family of four from their residence at the corner of Cedar Ravine and Pacific Streets. Their daughter Jessie continued the Blair family tradition of connecting the dozen or so primary families in and around Placerville at the time by marrying neighbor William “Bert” Combellack. Jessie and Bert raised their family just a few doors down on Cedar Ravine.

Abigail Pearson Blair was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother who was highly involved in maintaining a connection with extended Blair family members as the elder Blairs, such as John and James, began to pass away.

Her husband Robert was the last surviving original Blair brother during the 1912 Studebaker reunion. It is through the scrapbooks of Abigail and her daughters that many accounts of Blair family history have been preserved.

Pearson Soda Works

Abigail and Robert Blair House

Interpretation by Mike Roberts, 2024