Women in Union Cemetery: Pauline Larsen Blair

The women featured in this series of articles are part of the Women in Union Cemetery Tour conducted by Mike Roberts in 2024.

Pauline Larsen Blair 1855 – 1944

Buried in Placerville Union Cemetery, Section 29 Block 65 Plot F

As told by Patty Borelli, Save the Graves 2023 event

Born to Norwegian pioneers in the Utah territory, Pauline Larsen Blair traveled with her family by wagon to El Dorado County at just 5 years of age. During the journey across Nevada, their wagon train was attacked by Indians, but Pauline and her family survived.

The Larsens settled in El Dorado County and established orchards. Her father, Nels Theodore Emil Larsen, was the patron of the Larsen ranch empire in Camino. He was also the first to plant pears east of Placerville.

In 1876, Pauline was wed to Matthew Blair, Jr. They had eight children. In her later years, Pauline insisted she be allowed to drive the latest automobile contraption. She began driving at the age of 70 (!) and found the new pastime to be exhilarating. It is impossible to overstate the influence that Pauline’s family – the Larsens and Blairs – have played in El Dorado County’s agricultural industry over the last 170+ years.

Pauline and Matthew Blair

Interpretation by Mike Roberts, 2024